농업회사법인 주식회사 자연터


The near infrared ray, unlike the pre-existing dry method, transfers heat by light energy without heat loss due to simulataneous transmission of ray on surface and inside as the middle medium does not warm air, preserving fragrance and flavor of the fruit, excelling in texture and fragrance compared to Freeze Drying or hot air drying methods.

Jayeonteo Nong-eop Corp Company is a company that leads the change in awareness about agriculture through experiences and field trips. They accomplish this by combining agriculture and Internet of Things (IoT), and initiating the meeting of farmers and consumers. In cooperation with 56 nationwide farmhouses, Jayeonteo supplies Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes, Dried Fruit Chips and Tomatoes ramen soup sauce to large distributors such as E-Mart, Everyday, etc. and have built a 6th industrial town in Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si. We are leading the way in creating value for the farmers' additional income, and to shift the awareness about agriculture




A brand-new Korean style fruit-cheonggukjang, "Soyfferm", has been released recently and it made with germinated beans and fomitella fraxinea mycelium. Combination of organic fruit powder and smell-less Cheonggukjang brings it as a new ingredient for the young generation. Soyfferm is developed by fermentation technologists of RDA.(Rural Development Administration) and manufactured by Chamotdeul Co., Ltd. It has high portabililty and very simple to take. Soyfferm contains superior multi-strain than Natto and has various kinds and a lot amount of flavonoids. You can enjoy "Soyfferm" as the new concept of cheonggukjang.

Chamotdeul Co., Ltd starts from the first restaurant specializing in chicken in Chinese lacquer tree broth, Maengsan-Sikdang, opened up at Daegu, Korea in 1975. Through developing several Chinese lacquer tree foods, such as Ot-Haejangguk, Otsun-bibimbap, and the possibility of Chinese lacquer tree foods, Chamotdeul Co., Ltd found at Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk-do in 2005 as specialized in Chinese lacquer tree foods company. Chamotdeul Co., Ltd researches and develops continuously bio-ceramics and ferment methods using Chinese lacquer trees to trailblazing new industry and goes together with the local community.





주식회사 프레시스


The Jeju Mandarin has a thin outer skin and no seeds but is juicy. An Orange a day can be a part of a healthy diet and its sweet flavor and tangy taste create a fresh sensation. The season of outdoor mandarin is from mid-October to December. The average of sugar contend is approximately 11 brix. The shelf life is about 30 to 40day after harvest.

Freshis is a Korean agricultural foods distributor located in Jeju-island. We are the leading Jeju mandarin and agricultural product exporter and distributor of Korea fruit and vegetable in domestic market. We specialize in exporting fresh agricultural products and deal with citrus fruits, radishes, cabbages and distribute health processed foods such as rice cracker, live fish and Jeju black pork etc.




All mushrooms are great for boosting the immune system and it also has large amounts of variety vitamins. Our products contain a number of substances thought to influence health. Mushrooms are also very good to smooth the digestive process in the body so that the juice of the food can be absorbed properly and the process of disposal of food waste went well.

Good Morning Korea was established in 2009. Customer's satisfaction is the main goal of our management philosophy. Through best quality control and transparent trading, we export the best quality agricultural products from South Korea to more than 10 countries all over the world.




As a core ingredient of all products, we select and use brown rice with the excellent taste and quality, obtained the domestic organic certification mark. BASSAK is a Eco-friendly product that pursues organic and non-pesticide ingredients and a natural snack that eliminates additives and minimizes processing.

HANVITFOOD CORP. starts with organic farming, uses organic ingredients and respects the values and principles that nature gives. We select and use ingredients with a high quality to make healthy food that keeps taste and nutrition.




Original flavor lets you taste the authentic Toppoki of Korea which is not too sweet and moderately spicy. Carbonara flavor is the delicious fusion of Italian and Korean food which is rice cakes in full-flavored cream sauce. Jjajang flavor suits anyone who wants to try the most famous Chinese-Korean dish. It is rice cakes cooked in savory black bean paste.

I’m DNL Co., Ltd. is a food specialized company providing authentic Korean taste in HMR products. To grow into a reliable and trustworthy company known for providing tasty, healthy, and safe food to people all around the world, we constantly conduct research through collaboration with top university researchers in Korea. In addition, we have HACCP, ISO, HALAL certifications. We insist on quality products that can enhance the national status, and with the corresponding products we actively participate in global food related exhibitions.




Liquid extract, ginseng roots, capsule/tablet/pills, honey, tea, and powder 

KGEC specializes in the manufacture and export of ginseng products including red ginseng that is the representative health functional food of Korea. We only manufacture superior quality products that are hygienic and have gone thorough quality control in our factory which is certified for ISO, GMP and HALAL qualification. In addition, with the constant investment in the development of a product of new form and function through the industry-academy collaboration based R&D, we are aiming for a company that goes one step ahead. We will always reward you with the best quality products with the same mind as now.


농업회사법인 유기농비건(주)


Organic Brown Rice Snack (Non-sweet Puff) -This vegan puffed snack is made of the organic brown rice, which is grown on the organic land without using the fertilizer and the agricultural chemicals, so it is naturally flavored, offering good nutrition, natural taste and texture. Organic Brown Rice Snack (Non-sweet Puff) -This sweet vegan snack is made of (1) organic brown rice puffs and(2) rice syrup made from organic rice and barley malt powder, using a Korean traditional method. Organic Rice Syrup -This syrup or vegan honey is made with organic rice and malt powder of sprouted organic rice and barley using a traditional food processing method.

Organic Vegan Corp was established in 2010 as an Agriculture Corporation. We are also certified as a social enterprise in Korea in 2014 and designated as a Slow Food Spot in 2015. Deul Haneul ( means Field and Sky in Korean ) is the brand of Organic Vegan Corp. ,that covers a range of healthily grown organic products without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. We make organic farm products and organic manufacture products such as syrup, overcooked rice, and fried glutinous rice cake, and we started exporting to USA since 2017.




 This Ice cone snack item is so unique due to cone shape, aerated strawberry, chocolate,banana cream. As the surface is more crispy and inner is more soft, everyone like this item; also so good popular with kids because of Pororo or Sweet Monster, Spoonz character. 

 RAON CORPORATION CO.,LTD. is both the trader and manufacturer that make unique food items such as snack, cookies, biscuits, candy,,etc for kids in South Korea. And to match our items with Children’s interests, We got the legal patent of some famous characters for kids like Pororo, Spoonz, Sweet Monster as well. Now we have been exporting our items into over 20 countries like USA, Canada, South-East Asia, China, Australia, China, Europe,,,etc for over few years.




1.Made of Fresh and High Quality 16 Natural Ingredients 6 Seafood - anchovy, shell, seaweed, pollack, bonito, tuna + 10 vegetables - radish, shitake mushroom, burdock, onion, lotus root, garlic, spring onion, ginger, bean, cabbage 2. Used Freeze Dry technique to preserve taste and nutrition as good as fresh 1) Trunas Co.,Ltd - 17 yrs of FD experience USFDA, USDA, Halal, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO:22000 Export to 9 different countries 2) Long Shelf life - Preserve taste and nutrition 3. 100% natural - no MSG, no artificial taste or color, no preservative 4. Easily can be cooked - 1 tablet for 1 dish (250ml) in boiling water for 3 mins

It is our motto to maintain a healthy life by eating only Trunas products. Humans grow old and sick in time, but not everyone on same speed. The speed can be adjusted depending on how well you manage your life. The freeze-drying technology of Trunas freezes and dries at temperatures below minus 40 ° C to enjoy the taste and nutrients of the raw ingredients. Most of our products are made from 100% raw ingredients without using synthetic raw ingredients, ensuring taste and nutrition at the same time. Over 17 years of experience in the food industry and with international certifications such as US FDA, ISO: 22000, we ensure maximum safety of food from Trunas.


주식회사 우리술


'- Sparkling Rice Makgeolli : Original flavor of pure rice - Sparkling Chest nut Makgeolli : Best selling Makgeolli ever! - Sparkling Sweet Potato Makgeolli : Latte-like favor from purple sweet potato pure

“Make world happy with Makgeolli” Woorisool is a manufacturer of Korean rice wine called Makgeolli.Makgeolli is traditional rice wine with 5000 year history and its like DNA of Korean people. With it’s unique and special favor from fermented rice with koji you can feel milky beer taste. More than 15 year’s of manufacturing and exporting experiences, Woorisool is ready for any inquires and questions form you. Thank you.




Cheonggukjang is fermented soybean with the way of Korean traditional fermentation. Cheonggukjang has three types with Dry Cheonggukjang Ball, Dry Cheonggukjang Powder, and Traditional Cheonggukjang. Dry types are very easy to enjoy as snacks or diet food and traditional Cheonggukjang is for soups and salads. Cheonggukjang can be enjoyed daily and is very good for health.

Janheung Food Co. Ltd. has been producing and supplying the traditional Doenjang, long-term fermented soybean paste as one of the representative Korean traditional healthy foods.


농업회사법인 (주)초록원


Fruit tea made of domestic raw materials uses the materials selected through strict selection process and all the products are produced hygienically by automated process so that customer may feel at ease.

The agricultural corporation looking after the cleanliness of nature CHOLOCWON. Cholocwon considers the health of customers first and always tries its utmost based on the philosophy of establishing credible tea culture. It does its best to improve quality and produce hygienic products by automation and through management from the point of incoming of raw materials. And also, it tries its best to increase profits of environmentally-friendly production farmers and to produce more credible products for customers by accelerating the development of environmentally-friendly products.




Now, under the name of Ever Good Corporation, our all member promise to provide our partners with excellent quality and environment-friendly produces harvested from Korean nature. As a leading exporter appointed by Korean Government, we always care people’s well-being life with our accumulated know-how and sincerity.

Since 1987, we have started out manufacturing, processing, packing and exporting all kinds of agricultural produces under the name of Jungan Nongsan Co., LTD. By dreaming that we could contribute to richness of peoples’ healthy and happy life. Now, under the name of Ever Good Corporation, our all member promise to provide our partners with excellent quality and environment-friendly produces harvested from Korean nature. As a leading exporter appointed by Korean Government, we always care people’s well-being life with our accumulated know-how and sincerity.


농업회사법인 감로 700 주식회사


The gamro-tea is a Korean traditional herbal tea with sugar content that 1000 times higher than the existing sugar.

Gamro700 specializes in organically growing approximately 60tons of hydrangea serrata sering trees ever year in the farm located in the alpine region.




1. After pouring the boiling water, only four minutes are enough! 2. Noodles chewier with the addition of guava leaf powder and healthier as non-fried! 3. Guava Rice Noodles have a chewy taste as they are made with locally produced rice and guava leaf powder, and healthy as they are not fried. In addition, Korean anchovy powder and various seafood seasonings make the soup more delicious. 4. No Trans Fats, No Preservatives, Low Calories

GUAVALAND Farm produces the safest and most reliable products by leveraging its extensive experience and research into the cultivation of Guava with unmatched quality. GuavaStory is a premium green brand of eco-friendly and chemical-free Guava cultivated by GUAVALAND in the pristine grounds of Uiryeong County. It is made from guava leaves harvested during the season when they have their highest nutrient content. The caffeine-free leaves are then cleanly dried to preserve the high contents of polyphenol antioxidants. Polyphenol, a type of antioxidant, increases immunity and helps prevent diseases. Specifically, it prevents, rhinitis(pollinosis), atopy, cardiovascular disease (diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia), ageing, obesity, and suppresses cancer. Now, have a hands-on experience with GuavaStory.




A blend of flowers Magnolia, plum, acacia, tea blended with hibiscus flowers Tea with an aromatic and sweet taste.

Hapcheon Medical Herbs Co., Ltd has been producing tea for 20 years, The idea of "assimilation of nature and human life" is based on nature-friendly raw materials, dried and processed, and carries its own ingredients as tea.




□ ChunHaJangSa •Jinju main product is fish sausage which is made of high quality pollack. •children, students,office workers etc. are enjoy our fish sausage, it is delicious and nutritious. •Also, it is easy to carry, so you can eat our fish sausage wherever you want, thank you. □ Double Ring Korea's first surimi sausage with whole raw ingredients inside New concept sausage that sets a new standard in flavor and form

Korea’s first processed meat company established in 1963. Jinju(Jinju Ham Co., Ltd. in formal name) began through its production of Jinju Fish Cake. We were the first Korean company to produce processed meat, which was novel in Korea back then and for which we became widely known. Then, we started the production of Pink Sausage, Juljure Vienna, and Chun-Ha-Jang-Sa, all of which are well loved by Koreans. We thus expanded our position in the Korean processed meat market. We currently operate 4 businesses, 12 food categories, and about 1,000 products. As such, we have clearly grown into a comprehensive food company that represents Korea.




Manufactures & markets fresh & frozen processed foods; premium side dishes, soups, salads, & ethnic cuisines 

Established by Mrs. Jeong who has 25 years of experience in cooking and restaurant business 




BiBimmen - Korean delicacy cuisine. - It is a dry instant noodle with spicy, sour and sweet sauce. - Mix it & Enjoy yourself. Jjajangmen - Black bean paste sauce inside. - Jjajangmen has traditional black bean sauce cooked in open fire mixed with large chunks of soy protein vegetables.

Paldo has expanded its business worldwide, going beyond the best food company in Korea to grow as a global comprehensive food business. Starting with its first exports in 1983, Paldo is currently exporting its products to about 80 countries in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. With its business expansion in local markets as its first priority, it has expanded its market through domestic and overseas exhibitions, Foreign buyer invitation consultation meetings and many other activities aimed at expanding its business. It has repeatedly shown its high growth each year through high-quality and delicious products that are differentiated from those of its competitors.




Freeze-dried Soup series. Home meal replacement made from Korean vegetables with great taste and flavor. A bowl of soup is completed easily, conveniently!

Seoraksan Green Food is the expertise company to manufacture wild vegetable in Gangwon province and making best effort to make safe foods.




Aloe Vera - 15 Flavors, Coconut - 4 Flavors, Energy Drink - 2 Flavors, Ginseng Drink - 2 Flavors, Citron & Traditional Tea Rice Roller Milky Soda Drink

Tulip International Inc. is a world leading premium beverage manufacturer which has been exporting to over 60 countries worldwide. After founded in 1999, we have been achieved exporting records with the awarding of ‘’1Million USD export tower’’ in 2001. We have been providing aloe vera drinks as main products which are known for healthy beverage for world market. We have been focusing the cultivation of new markets in worldwide since 1999 and as the result of this pains, we have over 170 global partners in 60 countries which the products are distributed in big chain channels.




BRIX 30 Sweet fruit Used for health care from ancient times Jujube contains 100 times more or so in vitamin C than that of apple or peach. As jujube is rich in GGPIN acid, vitamin, carotin, iron, phosphorus etc. it is a health food standing out as the richest natural vitamin.

I am a farmer, Kim Hong-bok operating Boeun Samsa Jujube farm in Samgari, Boeun-kun boasting of the best environment full of uncontaminated, clean water and air of Songni mountain foot. I have produced jujube of good quality sticking to an eco-friendly agricultural method until now, as a result, I have received a certificate of good agricultural management from National Forestry Cooperative Federation on October 16, 2015 and got a performance of exporting to Japan. I have produced dry jujube, jujube snack, jujube juice as well as live jujube in our Samga jujube farmland and I am committed to make a greater effort to show the true taste of Boeun jujube to the appetite of citizens of the world as well as our entire nation.




Pogi Kimchi - Each leaf of napa cabbage is stuffed with delicious seasoning to deliver a refreshing, rich taste of kimchi. Got Kimchi - This kimchi has a unique pungent taste of leaf mustard and umami flavor of anchovy sauce, when aged. Mat Kimchi - Napa cabbages are cut into bite-sized pieces and mixed with seasoning. Cubed Radish - Fresh radishes are cut into bite-sized cubes and mixed with seasoning to deliver a refreshing taste with an umami flavor, when aged.

Dear customers, Thank you very much for your love and encouragement. We have put our heart and soul into making kimchi over the last 27 years in Gimhae city, Korea, which city has a long history. With the secret recipe of kimchi handed down by Ahn family (安家), we satisfy Koreans’ taste and savor by using high quality ingredients such as napa cabbage, radish, chili, garlic, spring onion and ginger naturally grown in the mountainous regions. We will strive to give happiness to customers by making “Ahnkanae Kimchi ”safe (安全) to eat and feel confident; (安心) as the best cultural property.




Honey Citron Tea Powder Honey Citron Tea Powder is rich in vitamins. The stick package is convenient to consume and carry. Aronia Concentrate Granule This functional product is fortified with dietary fiber from fruit that prevents aging, protects the eyesight, and provides the best anti-oxidant effect among fruits.

Fine FT Co., Ltd is a food process and manufacturing company. We extract and concentrate the feed from raw materials, produce dry powder by applying spray-drying technique, agglomerate, make into final package and prepare for delivery. Our proud technology allows us to develop our own private label brand and contract manufacturing partnership via OEM and ODM. Among the food processing companies, our company has a factory, from extracting (raw juice), concentrating → spray dryer (powder) → mixing / granulating → stick packing one-stop system and continuous R & D development and GMP, HALAL. ISO 22000, HACCP, and organic processing certifications




(ENERGIN Korean Red Ginseng Gon Mild) It is a health supplement for children who are reluctant to eat the scent and taste of ginseng. it is developed as a favorite flavor(honey, apple and strawberry concentrate) for children without using fructose, syrup, sugar, flavoring, sweeteners and citric acid.

Geumsan ginseng Cooperative consists of ginseng-related agricultural, manufacturing, and retail companies in Geumsan, Choongcheongnam-do, Korea. It is equipped with a one-stop system of ginseng cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution. Through product shows held with consumer evaluators, we are consistently producing the highest-quality ginseng products in Korea. For that, it has been recognized not only in Korea but in the global market of 10 countries-USA, Canada, Germany, England, Austria, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam-and is spreading to the rest of the world by reaching one million dollars in direct export.


농업회사법인 한백식품㈜


Roasted Seaweed Snack (Gim-Ja-Ban) with various flavors Natural, Healthy Ingredients Ready to Eat Various application

Hanbaek Food is a premium seaweed products manufacturer in S.Korea. Established year 2012, its business field is more focused on major hyper markets in S.Korea. Since year 2017, it has began to expand to the global markets, being supported the success in domestic market. With the highest quality and taste, Hanbaek Food is ready to introduce healthy, taste and ready-to-eat seaweed products to American customers.




Soybean Paste[Meju(Soybean), Sea Salt, Red Pepper Seed Powder] 21%, Broth[Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Dried Kelp, Anchovy, Onion, Red Pepper], Radish tops, Radish, Onion, Shiitake Mushroom, Green Onion, Periila Powder, Garlic, Red Pepper

Produce safe food as a loving mother cares about her child’s food. We make and sell Korean tradinal sauce like soybean paste, soy sauce, hot pepper paste that are aged for more than 1 year using traditional methods, and fermented soybeans in ocher room. We have been paying special attention to the quality of our products and have received various certifications such as Traditional Food Quality Certification, organic processed foods certification, HACCP, ISO22000 reserves.




Bulgogi (BBQ marinade for beef) Bulgogi is made by sliced beef mixed with various spices and it is one of traditional Korean food. Koreans eat it on special day like feast, birthday etc.

Since its inception in 1994, Jinsung F.M co,. Ltd has been supplying a variety of sauces including traditional Korean Sauces to large food corporations on an OEM basis. In 2010, we began exporting our products under the national brand “nature’s nature” and private brand by developing customer-oriented products.




No Sugar, No caffeine Super premium beverage. Berrykle is the No.1 healing organic fermented carbonated beverage in the world. This unique beverage is created through at least a-year long fermentation of approximately 80 kinds of Korean organic farm produce. It is acclaimed for the deep rich flavor made from the fermenting process, and favored as appetizer or dissert drink. It is also good for quenching thirst.

We produce a completely different value from existing health beverages. Berrykle is only one beverage processed with 80 types of ingredients through  traditional Korean blending method that offers a taste and aroma that do not follow the trends.





We are proudly export aloe vera drink more than 50 countries. Pureplus is #1 aloe vera brand in the U.S., Eastern Europe and South/Central America. We have developed 100 types of aloe vera drink and our product is selling in Costco, Wal-Mart, HEB, Carrefour, Kroger, Ralph's and etc with various private brands all over the world. As you know there are many brands and many types of aloe vera juices in the market. But there's difference between the quality and safety to be honest. We have international standarized food and safety certificate such as ISO, HACCP, FDA, NON-GMO and SQF.




INJEOLMI SNACK It is Injeolmi snack made with korea rice as the main ingredient. It is crispy, soft and sweet snack made without frying in oil. It is a gluten-free snack that anyone can enjoy.

Since opening its doors in 1958, Shinhwadang has worked tirelessly for 60 years as a traditional confectioner, building the trust of customers by releasing only the best-quality products. Our main products, which include injeolmi snacks, rice chips and rice cookies, are made with superior ingredients using innovative manufacturing techniques. They are recognized for their good taste and quality, not just in Korea but overseas as well. We will continue to grow as a global company by building our core capabilities through constant change and innovation, and will work with our customers in mind to maintain their trust and support.




It requires 27,680 hours from a handful of dirt to become an Organic Jeju Cold Drip Coffee. Organic Jeju Cold drip coffee is made from Ethiopia’s dirt, pure water from clean Jeju, and the persistence of people in Jeju. We are fulfilling healthy coffee business by utilizing unique resources of the two countries, organic coffee from Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee, and the limited water resources as Jeju has regional characteristics as an island. WITHO Co., LTD will convey healthy food to everyone with open mind and open heart.

WITHO Co., LTD is a clean food company in Jeju, which is a combination of 'WITH' and organic 'O', which means together, and has a management philosophy to provide everyone safe and clean food with open mind and open heart. WITHO Co., LTD is producing organic undiluted coffee called 'Organic Jeju Cold Drip Coffee' made of organic coffee beans produced in Ethiopia's local farms and pure jeju water.


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